Lake Swim XIV, Saturday July 27, 2019

It's time to come home! Brothers, family and friends, registration for the 14th annual Andrew Curry Green Lake Swim and Ten Man Canoe Classic. At the conclusion of the Lake Swim is the Annual George D. Koulheras Family Bar-B-Que. Come home and bring your family to WTCSR for a day of adventure, fellowship and fun!

If you haven't heard, The Key Foundation is working to support the efforts of our swimmer and spotter teams by teaming them up with a Coach.  This third member of the team is going to acquire sponsors and endorsers to maximize each swimmers potential.  So if you haven't already, sign up to swim or spot by heading to the page linked below so you may be paired with a coach!

JOIN US FOR THE FAMILY BBQAt the close of the two events will be the annual TKF Family BBQ. Friends and Brothers, families, and children from all over the country are returning home to the hallowed shores of WTCSR. Join us for the best part of the day in celebration and remembrance.

Donations and Sponsorship for swim teams and hikers as well as BBQ tickets can be obtained here.RegNew Family Event At Lakeswim XI!

Lake Swim XIV, Saturday July 17, 2019