About Us

The Key Foundation Inc. is a private not for profit organization incorporated in Lowell MA. We are an alumni organization resulting from the shared experiences in the camping program of the Boy Scout's of America. Most of our members grew up in the Scouting Programs in the Greater Lowell Area.

Today our membership lives all over the world. Although there is some distance between where we live today, we work together as friends and brothers to inspire, encourage and empower Scouts and adult Scout Leaders.

Much of our effort is dedicated to supporting the camping programs of the Boy Scouts Of America. We believe that camping is the method that is most effective in making the Scouting Program a profound experience in the lives of youth.

We work to promote and expand the "Culture of Camping" in the Scout Program. As such we strongly support the Order of the Arrow. . Most of our members have strong backgrounds in the OA as well as camp staff.

Although many of our members are active in the Scouting program, it is not the position of the Key Foundation to run or represent any Council organization. We avoid the organizational politics while seeking a way to develop and strengthen Scouting by providing resources to help the program grow and thrive.

Wah-Tut-Ca, Lone Tree, TL Storer Scout Reservations as well as Camp Sayre hold a special places in our hearts, and we are strong advocates for their continued success, growth and development.

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Our Beliefs

By Fred V. Rogers

WE BELIEVE...  that all children should have an opportunity to live in the out-of-doors; to cook out, sleep out, "pioneer" and "conquer" the wilderness; to catch a toad and find out they won't get warts; to catch, clean, cook and eat a fish; to sit with "pals" around a fire as night closes in, to defy the elements, to paddle a canoe; to vision tomorrow from the top of a hill and hear the sounds and symphony of the woods.

...to know what it means to live comfortably in a group and feel the glow of friendship and fellowship; to be wanted and needed, and share, cooperate and give as well as receive; to experience living in a democratic community, to have a chance to work and see the fruit of the planners; to have a chance to work and see the fruit of labor; to successfully conquer frustration from failure and feel the price of personal success.

WE BELIEVE...  that youth should know more about his natural surroundings and the inter-relationship of all living things; see wild life in its natural habitat; wonder at the marvels of creation and find fun in the simple way of life; live in an atmosphere free from pressure and tensions; climb a tree and build a tree house, hut or fort.

WE BELIEVE...  a child should know good communication and relationship with an adult who can be idealized, admired and respected; who has the time to be helpful, patient and understanding; who will help him find excellence in skill and confidence through accomplishment; who recognizes him as an individual in a world of conformists; who will grant the freedom to experiment, to make decisions - for who can resolve big problems without experience in solving little ones?

WE BELIEVE...  that happy, carefree days are a heritage of youth, as in right to worship; and that through normal growth and such association will come lasting faith in one's self, country and God.

WE BELIEVE...  that a camp provides the unique setting, the ideal locale for all these things to be accomplished - and that all are possible in a good camp program - so, WE BELIEVE IN CAMPING.

Our History

The Key Foundation was incorporated in December of 1987 by a group of former Lodge Officers of Wannalancit Lodge #451 lead by Thomas F. Marham III. The idea for the Foundation was gained from the 1986 National Order of the Arrow Conference. At that Conference in Mt Pleasant Michigan, Dr. Carl M. Marchetti, spoke of several new initiatives that were being implemented to grow and expand the Order of the Arrow. One of the concepts he presented was the development of a National Alumni Organization that would support the Order.


Upon returning from NOAC, Lodge Adviser Brian Lobao discussed the concept with Tom Markham. Tom gathered about a dozen members and The Key Foundation was born. He was the first Executive Director. In March 1988 the first meeting of the Key Foundation was held.

At that meeting the mission was explained, "by voice and financial support" the Key Foundation would provide active support to Wannalancit Lodge Order of the Arrow. One of the first programs to be started was the Patrick Doyle National Order of the Arrow Conference Scholarship, to help youth Arrowmen to attend this conference. The belief was, and still is, that NOAC is a program that has the greatest impact on the Lodge and the individual Arrowman.

The Foundation also supported the Lodge with capital projects, often purchasing computer and other equipment for Lodge Graphic Arts and Media. In 1991 Andrew Curry Green became Executive Director and expanded the foundation into giving support not only to the Lodge program but also to the Council and Community. Andrew was succeeded by George D. Kouloheras, who served until 2001. On December 31, 1999 the Greater Lowell Council merged into the Yankee Clipper Council BSA. The role and need for the Key Foundation was passionately debated. In 2001 a group of Key Foundation members got together to develop a "post-merger" Key Foundation Program. They developed a program that greatly expanded the Foundation. Brian Lobao became the Key Foundations President and CEO in February of 2002.

The Foundation's activities are focused on enhancing the experiences of youth. They work to insure that the experiences they had growing up are available to the youth of today.