The Key Foundation Achives

Archive: picture of campers

The Key Foundation has an active program to archive and preserve the history of Scouting in the Greater Lowell Community. The Foundation archive includes historical documents dating back to 1908. Over 250,000 photographs are part of the collection.

In 2007 TKF published Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation with Arcadia Press. This is the first national publication of the history of a Scout Camp.

The Key Foundation Archives are available to all interested parties for study and promotional purposes. The Foundation has begun the process of cataloging, digitizing and restoring the collection. Several projects are on going. In 2007 The Key Foundation did a project to restore the Vervaert Map of Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation. This map has been used in multiple promotional efforts of TKF and the Yankee Clipper Council BSA.

The Foundation Archives are personal collections of documents, memorabilia, books and photographs donated to The Key Foundation.

Four major collections make up the bulk of the collection.

1924 Brochure CoverCharles F. Emerson Collection:
This collection is photographs, letters and documents collected by Charles Emerson. This collection dates from 1911 until 1986. “Charley” was one of the first Eagle Scouts of the Greater Lowell area. He was a founder of Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation and a founding member of Wannalancit Lodge in 1952. He was an avid collector of newspaper clippings and every document relating to Scouting.

Alexander A. Vervaert Collection:
Alexander A. Vervaert, a camper of Chadwick and the opening season of Wah-Tut-Ca was also the first Lodge Adviser to Wannalancit Lodge #451. His contributions to the Greater Lowell Community were remarkable. In 1985 Alex wrote, “The History of the Greater Lowell Council”. In 1987 he produced “The Wah-Tut-Ca Scrap Book” for the Camp’s 50th anniversary. The collection runs from 1920’s until 1991.

Archive: Camp Road R. Harold Stevens Collection:
Harold Stevens was a Scouter in the Greater Lowell Council who served in a variety of positions. He was also an Adviser of Wannalancit Lodge #451. The Steven’s collection is memorabilia and a library of Scouting and Scouting related books.

John A. Goodwin Collection:
In the fall of 2006 while preparing the book Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation, John A. Goodwin donated his Scouting papers and photographs to The Key Foundation Inc. John served as a member of the staff of Camp Chadwick and Wah-Tut-Ca. His collection of material dramatically increased the foundation's collection of material on Camp Chadwick. As an adult John served as a member of the camping and activities committee and a member of the Executive Board of the Greater Lowell Council Inc. Included in the Goodwin collection are the minutes and agendas of meetings dating from the 1950s to 1999. These papers are annotated with John's hand written notes.

Brian J. Lobao Collection:
Brian Lobao was a Scouter in the Greater Lowell Council as well as a Council Vice President. In 2003 Brian donated all his Scouting Memorabilia, letters, documents, writings, music and media shows collected and created in his lifetime to The Key Foundation. In 1987 he completed, “Glow The Brighter” a history of summer camping in Greater Lowell. He also wrote and produced, “WTCSR” a one-hour media presentation about the history of Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation. He is also near completion of a new book, “An Adviser’s Minute” about his years as Adviser to Wannalancit Lodge #451.

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